Accra – I am in love with the Tro-Tro

The word Accra is derived from the word ‘nkran’ meaning ‘ants’ in Akan, a reference to the numerous anthills seen in the countryside around Accra. The mate of the tro-tros (public transport minibuses) calls “Accra, Accra” to let people know it’s going to downtown Accra. Accra is a busy, old city that has multiple vibes […]

Chale Wote (Buddy Let’s go)

Chale Wote, the 6th edition of the mass-appeal Street Art Festival in the heart of Jamestown, Accra took place this last weekend.   In the shadows of the Jamestown lighthouse, so much light and color was being transferred to festival goers, and surrounding community. Chale Wote, meaning “Man, let’s go!” is the largest street art […]

Castles and Forts

Ghana is home to lots of castles and forts that used to be owned by the Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, and British. The Portuguese were the first to start trading with the Ga people going all the way back to the 15th century, followed by the Dutch, Danish and the British. What started as a commodity […]

HoHoe (Ho Hoye) – Gateway to Nature

There wasn’t much on the net for accommodations, so we were just going to turn up in the Volta region for nature, and find a spot. We found a decent spot, Pacific Guest House for GHC$40, so 10 bucks! We had been craving to leave the cities, Accra is so massive and Cape Coast is […]

God is in Ghana

While prepping for this adventure, loads of the blogs stated how epensive ‘Africa’ was to travel within.So we budgeted a bit more for our Africa travels, aiming to hit: Ethiopia, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Senegal, and Morocco. Benin probably isn’t happening now, ,as visa costs and time aren’t working for us. A bit bummed to miss […]